Lore ⚡

A daily struggle on the bottom of the Metaverse

The year is 2077 and humanity is now lurking in the Metaverse freely living an incredible virtual life experience. Since "The Great Fusion" that happened in 2069 when 2 scientist discovered how to Fusion you and your NFT, people were constantly uploading themselves into the BlockChain! And i am gonna tell you why.
Our Life, Our Rules
New cities emerged across the space mostly built by NFT degens and ruled by their own laws! De-Fi places where every NFT Collection got it's own special-utilities. If you fused yourself with an NFT from a collection with race cars, you can make money in Metaverse only by going to races and so on with many other collections, but i am sure you figured it out.
So here we find our SpongeBoreds. They've been around for a long time. True degens having their fun in the space usually grinding to make some money to spend them later on NFTs. But their special-utility was that they we're the only one to access the SpongeWallet Challenge.
The SpongeWallet is a Metamask Wallet constantly filled for some time with 50% of the Creators Royalties 👑 Every SpongeBored got it's shot to find all 12 Words from Secret Phrase 🔒 and claim the prize. Until now no one could solve the Hangman Game 🔮 and the wallet gets bigger, just like a sponge 🧽 Can you be the one who find them?